I help artists and art organizations manage their websites!
I was a professional software engineer for over 10 years before I moved to Berlin in 2022. I've been an artist since 2017 and have showed my work in Seattle, San Francisco, and Berlin. Along the way I've made many artist friends who juggle so many different responsibilities. Between creating art, organizing shows, running a business... learning the technology can be too much. With my background as a computer scientist, I've helped friends, art studios, and curators launch or update their websites.
Teach Me
You're on a budget and have a can-do attitude? We'll jump on a video call and tackle problems together. I'm here to be your mentor and will point you to resources, tell you what I know, and make recommendations for you to work on your own website.
20€  |  session
Help Me
You have a task list of things you need for your website but would like an expert to help you do them. I will help you edit your website and make sure it's pixel perfect, mobile and desktop friendly, accessible and follows website best practices so you can focus on being the best artist you can be.
Have complex integrations? I can handle those too!
50€+ | hour
Maintenance Retainer
We've worked on a few projects together and your website is all set but you know more changes will be needed in the future. The retainer fee guarantees that I'll be available when the changes need to be made.
50€+  |  month for single platform websites (Squarespace, Wix, etc)
150€+  |  month for complex websites
Custom Work
When you need a professional software engineer.
inquire for more
Thank you! :) You'll hear back from me in a couple of business days.
BIPOC and Community Rates available
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